Our solar systems have been

installed in 56 project countries.

620kWp Solar Diesel Hybrid Systems

Country: Madagascar
Locations: Anakao, Mangiliy, Beravy
Power: 620kWp
Application: First electrification of 3 cities
Delivery year: 2020

Delivery of 20 energy containers with 1.3MWp

Country: Sierra Leone
Locations: Various
Power: 1.3MWp total capacity (system sizes 30kWp- 130kWp)
Application: First-time electrification of off-grid cities
Delivery year: 2020

252kWp for off-grid safari hotels

Country: Tanzania
Location: Serengeti
Power: 252kWp
Application: Electrification of 7 off-grid safari hotels and 6 electric safari cars
Delivery years: 2015-2020

250kWp Solar Diesel Hybrid System

Country: Togo
Location: Assoukoko
Power: 250kWp
Application: First-time electrification of a city
Installation year: 2017

First-time delivery of 8 energy containers

Country: Madagascar
Power: 3x 5kWp, 5x 10kWp
Application: First-time electrification of off-grid villages
Delivery year: 2015

1.5MWp solar systems for telecom BTS antennas

Country: Burkina
Location: Various
Power: 1.5MWp for over 100 BTS antennas
Application: Electrification of off-grid telecom antennas
Installation years: 2012 – 2016

200kWp self-consumption system for presidential palace

Country: Burkina Faso
Location: Quagadougou
Power: 200kWp
Application: Self-consumption of the presidential palace
Installation year: 2012

550kWp Solar-Diesel Hybrid Systems

Country: Mali
Locations: Kolondieba, Ouirkela, Kouri, Yorosso, Kignan, Mpessoba, Niena, Koumantou
Power: 150kWp, 100kWp, 6x50kWp
Application: Electrification of off-grid towns
Installation years: 2011/2012

60kWp first grid-connected system nationwide

Country: Kenya
Location: Mombasa
Power: 60kWp
Application: Grid feed-in as a pilot installation with special permission from the Ministry of Energy prior to the development of a regulation.
Installation year: 2011

100kWp Solar-Diesel Hybrid System

Country: Bangladesh
Location: Sandwip Island
Power: 100kWp solar generator/250kVA diesel generator
Application: First-time electrification of an entire island
Installation year: 2010